Friday, March 19th at 12pm

What Haunt Owners Should Know When Hiring Artists
with Emma Von Zombie

Emma Von Zombie

Emma Von Zombie from the Midwest Chicago area. Self-taught airbrush/spfx artist of +8 years.  Actor and manager at Basement of the Dead.

Class Title:
What Haunt Owners Should Know When Hiring Artists

30-45 min class with Q&A afterwards

Class Description:
Going over basics of what experience their should be, if you have artists already but they want to learn more and going over safety protocol for 2021 covid 19 regulations to make sure they are prepared and actors and management stay protected How having artist with airbrushing experience is a more of a must need to know now more than ever right now with everything being no contact.

Airbrush accessories will be touched on. Going over budgeted equipment somethings as in expensive as harbor freight guns to the more well known brands. Types of makeups cleaning tips. ...And customizing character masks to blend into makeup.