Friday, March 19th at 11am

The Art of the Add-On
"How to get an Extra Few Dollars from Each Attendee"

with Matt Davis

Matt Davis

Matt Davis, owner of The Fear Farm in Blacksburg, SC, is no stranger to events. His family has been in the entertainment business since 1991 providing event planning and rides, games, and concessions to large fall festivals, christmas events, town festivals, and more. In 2010 he assembled a team to go “pro” with a haunted attraction. Since opening, The Fear Farm haunted house has gained state and national recognition. It has grown every year to become a premier haunted house in the southern region. He has built multiple attractions from the ground up as well as done consulting for projects and props for other haunts. Combining event knowledge, carnival knowledge, and Halloween and haunt knowledge, he brings years of experience to help you perfect your craft.

Class Title
The Art of the Add-On. How to get an extra few dollars off of each attendee!

30-45 min class with Q&A

Class Description:
Due to attraction lines being longer, ticket prices being higher, and haunted attractions becoming more of an “event” than just a walk through, we have seen that guests are choosing one haunted house a night to go to more than ever. (They are not haunt hopping as much) This means that once the guests are on your property they plan on being there a while. In this class we will share the add-ons that have worked for us, didn’t work as much, and ways to get every dollar you can out of a customer that is already on your property!