Friday, March 20th at 1pm

Designing a Frightening Environment at your Attraction
with Bradley Bays

Bradly Bays

With over 6 years of industry experience Bradley has designed and created immersive sets for multiple attractions across the country. Brad is currently one of the head scenic artist and fabricators for Practical Imagination but also freelances for multiple haunted attractions. With experience working on independent haunts to theme parks such as Universal Studios Brad hopes sharing his knowledge will help bring your show to its highest quality!

Class Title:
Designing a Frightening Environment at your Attraction

30-45 min class with Q&A afterwards

Class Description:
Bringing together the correct theme, paint scheme, fx, set dressing, and scares are key components in designing a frightening environment for guests to enjoy. Learn to create YOUR OWN world of nightmarish ideas through your sets with instructor, Bradley Bays, professional scenic artist and fabricator. Interact with Bradley in real time as you learn and discuss multiple tricks that will bring your visions to life!! During this class we will be covering several important aspects of scenic design including scenic carpentry & painting, basic distressing, scare placement and set dressing. We will also display some of the tips discussed on an actual set! Reserve your seating today!