Sunday, April 11th at 2pm

Masked Up Sexy & Terrorizing Make-Up LEVEL 2
with Kyle Vest

Kyle Vest the "The Prince of Fear"

Working full time in film and themed attractions, Kyle Vest has been in the Haunted Attractions for over 20 years. Skyrocketed to fame by appearing on BodyWars, Kyle currently teaches bodypainting, beauty makeup and special effects makeup and is a leading trainer of COVID 19 as it relates to makeup practices. As an attraction designer, Kyle has created all types of themed attractions; interiors, exterior, with every theme and holiday and working within any budget. As a stunt performer, he is known around the world for aerial ice skating to sliding at over 15 haunted attractions across the US. Kyle’s new casting procedure is now used at themed attractions and other productions as well. So, what are you waiting for? Meet the one the only “The Prince of Fear” and book Kyle Vest for your next themed attraction or special event for the best!

45 min class with Q&A

Class Description:
Expanding on his previous session, Kyle Vest will take us to the next level and describe how attractions can achieve a successful makeup look that is sexy yet terrorizing. Some would say the scariest makeups are disgusting and ungodly, but Kyle will demonstrate a whole new level of fear. Take your haunted attraction to a level no others do. Make guests crave more and play to their weird fantasy’s. The more they love the more they will come back! Don't just scare when you can take the terror to a much higher level of fright that delivers higher levels of scary entertainment. Bring fear to maximum levels in 2021 by adding sex to your appeal.