Friday, March 21st at 3pm

How to run an Actor Team
with Matt Alban

Matt Ablan

During the day, Matt Ablan develops training programs through his own business, Ablan Training. At night, he is the Casting Director and Costume Designer at The Haunt, in Grand Rapids, MI. Mstt has over 10 years of experience onboarding, training, and managing employees and brings a large amount of hiring experience, human resources and training to the haunt industry. From theatrical set building to acting to stage management, Matt's unique background (and day job) has given him the skills necessary to hire, onboard, train and manage monsters.

45 min class with Q&A afterwards

Class Description:
Planning, planning and more planning! In this level 2 presentation, Matt Adlan, General Manager/Costume Director of The Haunt in Wyoming, MI will expand on topics covered in his first presentation and explain how he creates order out of the chaos that ensues when running the back of house at a haunted attraction. In this session Matt will explore mapping out actor positions and how he trains his actors to navigate the building. How to set up procedures to help the actors navigate from the call board, to costuming, through makeup and to their assigned positions. As well as how Matt keeps the costume shop running smoothly and efficiently.