Friday, March 19th at 10am

How To Market Your Haunted Or Escape Attraction Correctly
with Doug Shelden

Doug Shelden

Doug Shelden has been a marketing specialist for 20 years. Doug opened his first marketing  company in 2001, New Wave Marketing specialized in small business marketing and video  production. Over the years Doug increased his portfolio by adding 2 more marketing companies  including The Wave Of Saving and recently Beyond The Grave Marketing. Doug has always  worked hard for his customers not only to help them have the best marketing plan possible,  but to make sure they have an amazing plan to produce a strong Return On Investment. During  the years Doug has learned that marketing isn’t about how much you spend or who you hire, it  is about knowing what you want to accomplish. A map will not help you if you do not know  where you want to go.

Class Title:
How To Market Your Haunted Or Escape Attraction Correctly

30-45 min class with Q&A afterwards

Class Description:
Are you a new attraction? Have you been in business for years? Your marketing plan is going  to be different and geared toward your business and 3 key items.  

  1. How long have you been in business 
  2. Demographics of your market 
  3. Income goal and market allowance  

In this class I am going to show you how to not only determine how much to invest in  marketing, but how you should spend it according to the channels that are available. We will  start out by putting your company in to a category based on the three items listed above. Then  we will break down the correct way to invest your marketing dollars to get maximum ROI.

Special Instructions:
There will be a handout that can be downloaded and printed for the class.