Friday, April 9th at 4pm

How Haunts from Around the World Create Authentic Character and Stories
Panel Discussion

Panelist Bios:
Carly McCleary - Graduating from Motherwell College with a Diploma in Acting and performance in 2000, Carly McCleary of StageCraft Entertainment, has had two stints in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, tour Hamilton Ohio, and travel all over the UK. Always looking at different ways to interpret scripts, plays, characters and tell stories, Carly found her love was directing. Looking for a new challenge she volunteered in 2014 to write the theatre script for a new horror experience at M&D’s “Scotland’s Theme Park”. Carly took over writing, designing, and producing the entire event in 2015, and since then has thrown herself into learning all aspects of haunt craft. Meaning you are just as likely to see her with a paint brush or drill in hand as you are a script. Carly loves steeping all her stories and mazes in truth to allow true immersion and, in her opinion, the very best scares!! She re-themed the event from a Zombie trilogy, 2 years of mind controlling nightmares in the depths of hell, to a COVID friendly anarchy theme, which earned the maze an industry nomination at the UKs annual SCAR Awards 2020/21.

Scott & Kate Ince - Kate started lurking in haunts in 2008 as an actor and she had many years of playing all manner of ghosts, banshees, beasts and monsters. She met Scott while working in film and TV, but the couple quickly found their cloven feet, designing haunts each Halloween for Sydney’s Luna Park. A dark passion that has been growing exponentially for 6 years. 2020 saw the team launch their own company ‘Fractal Creative’ and while continuing to push the limits of immersive horror at Luna Park, they are also engraving their path to hell into the world of escape rooms, horror photography and interactive theatre works.

Maximus Bryant started home haunting in 2012. He has worked as an actor at the Dent Schoolhouse since 2015 and also works on the build crew. Maximus has been involved with the Ohio Haunters Association since 2017 where he helps put on Ohio Halloween and Haunters Convention. Maximus is currently a content contributor for the Haunted Attractions Network.

David D. Jones of Creatures of the Night, in Portland Oregon has worked as a counselor, teacher, speaker, writer, actor, director, broker, and business consultant throughout the country and served on the board of directors for multiple government, business, and non-profit organizations. Since 1984, David has worked in the haunting industry, studying and writing on therapeutic treatments rooted in trauma and fear. He draws upon an impressive knowledge of deep-themed story writing, therapeutic milieus, business, mythology, psychology, music, history, education, theatre, and technical craft to create successful entertainment venues, and lectures.

50 min panel discussion

Class Description:
In this once in a life time gathering of haunt designers from Scotland, Australia, and America, panelists will discuss how they use myths and legends that reflect local fears and concerns to create stories and characters that leave a lasting impact on their customers and increase return clientele to their award winning attractions.