Sunday, March 21st at 1pm

Effective Scaring & Storytelling From 6’ Away in 2021
with David D. Jones

David D. Jones Owner Artistic Director

David D. Jones has worked in the haunting industry since 1984. He has worked as a counselor, teacher, speaker, writer, actor, director, broker, and business consultant throughout the country and served on multiple government, business, and non-profit organization boards. He has focused the last few years studying and writing on therapeutic treatments rooted in trauma and fear.

David draws upon an impressive knowledge of deep-themed story writing, therapeutic milieus, business, mythology, psychology, music, history, education, theatre, and technical craft to create successful entertainment venues, and lectures.

Class Title:
Effective Scaring & Storytelling From 6’ Away in 2021

30-45 min class with Q&A

Class Description:
You for less than 1.5 seconds to establish 3 things in your client’s mind. Backstory, Rapport, & Create An Unanswerable Question. This class will guide you through the process to do this intentionally and repeatedly in your guests mind through story and Character design. The class will be divided into 4 parts. History. Theory, Application, & Framing.

Special Instructions for Attendees:
Handouts will be supplied. This is an information dense presentation; students should be alert & prepared to take notes.