Friday, April 9th at 2pm

Crazy Sets And Colors
with Stuart Smith of Stuartizm Designs

Stuart Smith

If you have been to a 3D haunt before, then chances are good you have seen the work of Stuart Smith. His company, Stuartizm Designs is the world leader in 3D and UV effects. Specialize in airbrush artwork for the haunted attraction industry and laser tag arenas, Stuart has been around the planet painting his signature H.R. Giger inspired art which is as unmistakable as it is horrifying.

30-45 min class with Q&A afterwards

Class Description:
If you have ever wondered how Stuart Smith creates his fantastical UV art Work then this is the class for you. Attendees will be shown a video narrated by Stuart himself walking us through his process of blocking out, under coating, adding color, adding shadow and highlights of his stylized 3D wall art. Be sure to have Chromadepth 3D glasses for this amazing paint demo.