Friday, March 21st at 10am

Big Scares With Bad Actors
with Matt Davis

Matt Davis

Matt Davis, owner of The Fear Farm in Blacksburg, SC, is no stranger to events. His family has been in the entertainment business since 1991 providing event planning and rides, games, and concessions to large fall festivals, christmas events, town festivals, and more. In 2010 he assembled a team to go “pro” with a haunted attraction. Since opening, The Fear Farm haunted house has gained state and national recognition. It has grown every year to become a premier haunted house in the southern region. He has built multiple attractions from the ground up as well as done consulting for projects and props for other haunts. Combining event knowledge, carnival knowledge, and Halloween and haunt knowledge, he brings years of experience to help you perfect your craft.

Class Title:
Big Scares with Bad Actors

30-45 min class with Q&A

Class Description:
We all have those actors that are great. They are sometimes the shy ones that turn it on at “show time”. They are the actors that guests come out talking about. They are the actors that we put in our que lines and midways to interact with the most guests. They are our “STARS!” But what about the rest? What about the kid who just wants a few extra bucks or the person who thinks it will be fun to jump out and scare people without realizing how much work it is? What about the teenage girls that are there because their friends are but you really need someone in that “spot”. Sometimes you just need someone in that “spot” last minute and don’t have time to train them or work with them. Due to being in a rural area and not having a big reach of people to pull from, we have had to get really creative to give our “bad actors” a chance to get good scares. Now, even without doing much they are the actors that some customers come out talking about. In this class you will see the things that we have done in room and set design and overall attractions so that you can take almost anyone and throw them in a spot and still get a scare. Come along with me and I will give you some ideas on how to turn your bad actors into good scarers with little to no haunt actor training.