Friday, March 19th at 4pm

Advanced But Achievable Stunt Work
with Kyle Vest

Kyle Vest
Also known as "The Prince of Fear"

Kyle Vest is a Reality Star know from "Netflix" hit Show “Skin Wars." He is a world globetrotting Multimedia Artist. He ranges in multiple talents that cover all elements of artist directions.

Based Now in Miami Florida he is a traveler full time due to his art. He works full time in Film and Themed attractions. He designs and does layouts to consulting the must. He is well known in the haunt industry as he has worked for over 20 Haunted Attractions doing designs and set design. He has worked 10 Years on the Universal Studios lot in Orlando Florida doing Stunt work, makeup artistry, and film to billboards.

He skyrocketed in fame with his bodypainting skills and special effects makeups. He has done all levels in makeup art from Playboy to film to themed attractions. He’s currently a Teacher in the makeup world for a few colleges and makeup schools in USA. He teaches all aspects of makeup from beauty to theater to special effects. He acerates now as a top-notch trainer in covid safety for the makeup world.

He’s worked for many celebrity’s now as well such as Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Sara Brightman, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, as this list goes on, he has mastered the world of doing it all. He’s a Seamster as well so he not only designs amazing sets and costumes but actually produced them.

Kyles designed all types of themed attractions; he’s done interior to the exterior (including cornfields to hayrides,) with every theme and holiday in mind. He is great with budgets on all levels. Now as a famous airbrush artist his art speaks for him, he’s getting known for his new line of terrifying designs in the 3D world never seen before. He brings higher levels of theming and design that’s extremely functional for all, because he has and lives in these environments from every angle, from a guest point of view to the artist, to the actor’s positions. He’s delivered high levels of art and great with covid safety.

Stunt artist known around the world as a famous Aerial ice skater in Mexico to Sliding at over 15 haunted attractions and colleges, he is a well-round performer and trainer. He travels all over teaching the art forms and the safety involves. His new ways of casting really helped get him to know in themed attractions as it was by word of mouth his greatest achievements and now has done the casting for several theme attractions and shows all around. Bringing out talent that owners have never known about after knowing actors for years. He grew up as a season sports-type from water to snow wasn’t enough, he had to fly even higher and dive deeper. He grew up a skater and skier and added on top of it every year training more and more. He’s currently an aerial and pole instructor. He is known for being the first of a few stunts in the world, as an aerialist in chain arts, he was one of the first but took to much higher levels when he became the first aerial chain act on ice. This led him to take his sliding to a whole new level of sliding on skates and adding an acrobatic twist! As a stunt performer for Universal Studios for 10 years, he was very well known for stilt work with such iconic characters such as Silent Hills “Pyramid Head” in commercials and billboards, he’s done for them over 40 characters! He helped open Universals biggest Parade to this day as a skater in the “Superstar Parade”

So, what are you waiting for meet the one the only The Prince of Fear and Book Kyle Vest for your Themed Attraction, or Special events for the best! His class will help seal the deal if his resume hasn’t yet!

Class Title:
Advance but Achievable Stunt Work

30-45 min class with Q&A

Class Description:
This Class covers Stunt work (Acting to a higher level in which safety is involved more.) Are you an attraction that has not one stunt? Let this class help you achieve that, don’t feel like you have the talent or maybe lack of knowledge this class brings it all out to the table to make it easier for your haunt to achieve more stunt work. Have basic stunts great let us raise the bar. It's 2021 why not be better, achieve more, and be the top coolest haunt in your area. We know just having regular actors isn’t cutting it anymore. You need stunt work. Stunts from aerial flying apparatus to sliding, we cover many styles of stunt work! Buckle into your office chair hold on tight because this class will take you on a whole new level of haunting!

Special Instructions for Attendees:
You can take Notes but you can also sit back and relax and enjoy! Warning this may be painful and funny to watch!